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About Us

Our company deals in the production of steel structures of various sizes mainly for the machine-building, automotive and construction industries. We specialize in the production of welded steel structures for the mining industry with innovative technical solutions that reach the domestic and foreign market.
We also have experience in the production of reusable collapsible metal containers, as well as in welding technological lines for automotive diagnostics.
The second branch of activity is the production of steel balustrades, handrails, gates and fences. Production takes place on the basis of customer documentation while maintaining high performance standards.
To meet the needs of individual customers, we also undertake projects such as loft furniture, football gates, constructions for roofing terraces, garage sheds, stairs, flower pots, etc.
There is no product for us that we will not be passionate about, at the same time wanting the product to be able to serve the customer for many years.
We are passionate about creating a new world from metal … tell us what can we do for you?